Posted on: February 9, 2009 6:37 pm

MLB's greed and fault

Now that the "Big Bomb" has finally been dropped, can we please move on from the steroid issue in baseball?  Listen, I, like most fans, directed my angst, aggravation and disappointment toward the players over the past few years.  And frankly, at least to some extent, they deserved it.  Particularly the ones who have and continue to deny their involvement.


However, in light of all that has happened the past several years, isn't MLB the real criminal in all of this?  They actually had no punishment in the books for steroid abusers.  Despite the fact that they are illegal in this country.  How can this be excused, and most of all, forgotten?  MLB is truly the guilty party here.

Let's put it this way:   I sell appliances for a living.  If I could pop a pill that would help me sell twice the number of appliances I normally sell and double my income, And my employer doesn't deem this pill an illegal substance, and had no fear of prosecution, would I take it? Of course i would.  I think most folks would make the same decision I would make.

Granted, Bud Selig and MLB didn't hang out in locker rooms and inject the stuff into players asses.  I get that.  But by not policing steroid use, they ENCOURAGED it.  To this day, experts agree that the McGwire/Sosa HR chase saved the game.  MLB knew this crap was going on then and did nothing about it.  Making a buck along the way.

And let's not forget, folks, MLB didn't expose this steroid revelation voluntarily and admit there were some issues.  Oh, no.  It took a dirtball named Jose Canseco to expose all of this.  If Canseco hadn't opened this can of worms(and he DID start this whole thing), would MLB have done so at some point?  Would they have publicly admitted the steroid "era" existed and started this avalanche on their own? Absolutely not.  


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